The NoDrip™ : A "word of mouth" promotional tool

Be ON your client's table

Your clients are your ambassadors, representatives and salespeople. Put them to use!
Be creative and give a simple, useful and effective tool that reflects the same values as your company!

THE CORPOTATE GIFT that has them talking ABOUT YOU

Once imprinted, the NoDrip™ Pourer puts your company logo and information in plain sight.

Be ON your clients' table, every time they drink a glass with their friends, colleagues or families.

The NoDrip™ Promotional Pourer provoques three reactions

  1. "Wow! What is that ?"
  2. "Hey!, it works !" (when you pour the wine)
  3. "Where did you get that ?" (and YOU become the topic of conversation)

The NoDrip™ Promotional Pourer is best suited to businesses who offer quality products and services because it generates conversations where your business is the subject matter.

NoDrip™ Promotional Pourers come in a variety of Folders. Choosing the right Folder allows you to target the specific goals of your promotional campain. See the different models below.
NoDrip™ Promotional Pourers carry a lifetime warranty.

The NoDrip™ Pourer

  • Personnalize the NoDrip™ Pourer with your corporate logo and information
  • Introduce it into your clients' business world
  • The NoDrip™ Pourer is the wine service tool most used by wine professionnals around the world
  • Shipping turnaround time: 5 to 20 business days, depending on your project

Pourer Collections : Finance, Golf, Wine Industry, Vineyards


Replicas could affect the taste of your wine or even your health.
Note that pourer replicas offer a product that does not comply with health standards.
By purchasing these replicas, you will pour your wine on metal and on non encapsulated inks.
Please be aware that it is our duty to inform consumers about replicas currently in circulation.


Use the sharp edge of a knife and scratch both surfaces of the wine pourer.
If the aluminium and the inks lift off, it is not an encapsulated product and is therefore of poor quality.


NoDrip™ Promotional Folders are durable packaging that vehicle your promotional message while protecting the pourer. Different models are available in order to meet different communication needs and the type of impact you are looking for. Prices vary with quantity. Orders are shipped with the pourer already inserted in the Folders.

The Translucent NoDrip™ Folder

  • Best value for the money
  • Only one printing cost
  • Your logo is visible through the Folder
  • Contains one or more personalized pourers
  • Prices according to quantity
  • This Folder cannot be imprinted

The 2 Pannel Folder

  • Printable Folder
  • 10 point cover stock; may contain one or more Pourers.
  • A nice gift, easy, useful and durable
  • Minimum of 100 pouches
  • A "word-of-mouth" promotionnal tool
  • Includes slots to insert business card. Ideal for coop projects

See some projects
Added value:Insert your business card.

The Greeting Card Insert

Pochette 2 Plis
  • This folder cannot be imprinted
  • May contain one or more NoDrip Pourers
  • Includes slots for business cards
  • Includes repositionnable tape on the back
  • Stick on your holiday greetings, flyers and letters
  • Very light, no additionnal cost for mailing
  • Your logo ON your clients' fridge all year long
Added value:Insert your business card.

The Sommelier Folder

  • Made of durable heavy gauge Vinyl
  • Includes a clothes protecting flap
  • May contain up to 25 NoDrip™ Pourers
  • Designed for wine service professionnals
  • A communication tool in the dining room
  • Provides a more effective and speedu service
  • Allows you to save a fortune on cleaning wine cloths and tablecloths

Special Projects

The sky is the limit!

Here are a few custom made projects to meet special needs. 
Let your imagination loose!

  • Corporate events of any type
  • Wine tasting invitations
  • Wedding invitations and thank you cards
  • Birthday cards (personnal or corporate)
  • Charity drives
  • Product launches
  • Seasons Greetings
  • The Christmas gift that won't go in the trash after January 6th!
See some of our projects

Value Added Accessories

Repositionnable Tape and Fridge Magnets

  • Repositionable Tape may be added to any Folder
  • Stick on invitations, flyers, reports, books, CDs
  • Recipients can then transfer to their fridge, wine cellar, glass cabinet, etc.
  • Your logo will be ON the fridge all year long
  • Superior impact at a minimal cost
  • Price includes installation on Folders
  • Repositionable Tape is already included on the Gift Card.

    Note : Magnets are not recommended for direct mail campains

Bottle Hangers

  • Hang your custom NoDrip™ Pourer on bottles during "value added" promotions
  • Available for all Folders.

User Friendly Instructions

  • NoDrip™ user instructions are ideograms
  • No matter the user"s language, the message will be understood
  • Included on all our Folders