The NoDrip™ wine pourer

One tool, two solutions

The professionals' pouring solution

Simple and easy to use, it is 100 % effective.
The No Drip™ Pourer is the wine service tool most commonly used by the worlds' professional sommeliers.

It enhances the wine service protocol and puts an end to wine stains on your tablecloths and guests' clothes. This translates into substantial savings in laundry bills for tablecloths and wine cloths. Not to mention putting a stop to Dry Cleaning bills and embarrassing situations!

It is so durable that it carries a Lifetime Warranty.

The "Word of Mouth" promotional solution.

The No Drip™ Pourer places you ON your client's table every time they share a glass of wine with their friends, colleagues and families.

It is a promotional tool that will make ambassadors and representatives out of your customers.

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