We at Vinoflex™ International are concerned with your right to privacy. Read what follows to learn more about our confidentiality policies . Application of our policies : Vinoflex ™ gathers personnal information that may identify you when you surf on the www.vinoflex.com website and when you use our services and products. Vinoflex ™ International business partners also share such information with us. This policy on privacy rights deals with how information gathered in this fashion is treated. This policy does not apply to business entities which VinoFlex™ International does not control or does not wholly own. Neither does it apply to people who are not employed by VinoFlex™ International or who have no contractual link with Vinoflex™ International. Collection and usage of data: Vinoflex™ International collects personal data which may eventually be used to identify you when you open a commercial account, when you acquire some of our products and services. VinoFlex ™ International business partners may also supply certain personal data as well. When you subscribe, participate or in any way become associated with VinoFlex™ International, we require the following information: name, full address, phone number, fax number, email address, occupation and areas of interest. Once you have communicated with us and you use our products or services, we then have the possibility of identifying you personnally. Vinoflex™ International also receives certain data from your web browser in an automatic fashion such as your IP address, data emanating from cookies and the web page you have requested. These data are automatically recorded on our servers. VinoFlex™ International uses these data for strategic purposes such as adjusting publicity and advertising content, to respond to your requests on our products or services and to communicate to you special offers and new products and services. Sharing and disclosure of personal data: Vinoflex™ International will never sell, lease or rent to whomever any personal data that may be used to identify you personnally. Vinoflex™ International may disclose personnal data which may be used to identify you personnally only in the following circumstances: you have consented in writting or by means of an electronic release form; or, we must share this data with a third party in order to supply you with the products or services you requested; we must send this data to a subcontractor in order to supply you with the products or services you have requested. Unless otherwise specified, these third parties or subcontractors do not have the right to use the personnal data we supply other than in the production of the products or services you require. Or, we must respond to a subpoena, a court order or any other law enforcement agency. Or we must conclude that your actions on our web site are contrary to VinoFlex™ International's Usage conditions or the recommended uses of our products and services. Cookies: Vinoflex™ International may install cookies on your personal computer and gain free access to them. Vinoflex™ International allows specific business entities who run virtual advertisements to install cookies on your personal computer and to gain free access to them. These business entities have their own privacy policies which direct the use of their cookies. VinoFlex™ International's privacy policy does not apply to these entities. Advertisers and other business entities do not have access to VinoFlex™ International's cookies. Vinoflex™ International uses meta frames in order to access it's cookies within its network of web sites in relation with its products and services. Modification or deletion of your personnal information and preferences:Vinoflex™ International allows you to modify or delete all of your personal information and preferences at all times. You can change your prefered means of communication for special offers. You can also request permanent deletion of your account with us by sending us a written request. Security : You will be required to type in your password every time you need access to your personal account information in the advent an extranet zone is instilled. This way, no one else will be able to access your personal information unless they know your password. This will protect the confidentiality of your personal information. In certain areas of its web site, VinoFlex™ International uses SSL encryption in order to prevent piracy of your personal information during electronic transmission. Changes to the present privacy policy: From time to time, Vinoflex™ International may bring changes to the existing confidentality policy. When such changes occur, a notice will be posted on the www.vinoflex.com web site. Questions and suggestions: If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please let us know by sending an email to [email protected]